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Dispensing Solutions

Manually Dispensing:

Thermal greases can be applied manually and effectively using several methods: 

. Syringe with plunger 
. Caulking cartridges with caulking gun
3. Spread using rollers with caulking cartridge.
4. Spatula dispensed and spread with rubber rollers.

Pneumatic Dispensing :

Timtronics offers the following air dispensing equipment for precise, accurate dispensing to achieve consistent, smooth film thickness.

1.  Syringe Dispenser :

2.  Caulking Cartridge Dispenser :

Works with standard caulking cartridge with or without nozzle tip, also it can be used with roller attachment to dispense and spread directly on the parts.

3.  Tube Dispensing Gun :

Place the metal or plastic tube inside the housing and press the trigger for easy dispensing.

  1. 4. Auto Can Extruder System :

This system can be used for dispensing thermal grease from 1 quart or 1 gallon round cans.


  1. 5. Automated Robotic Dispensing :

    Please contact Timtronics for system recommendations.

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