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Timtronics is an advanced, present-day innovator of Thermal Interface Materials.  Our comprehensive line of thermal interface materials deliver high-performance solutions to meet the unique demands of high-end, ever-faster electric/electronic technology!  A wide range of standard and specially designed thermal management materials which includes Silicone and Non-Silicone heat sink compounds, Pads, Gap fillers and Epoxies are immediately available, worldwide.

Thermal Greases & Epoxies
Thermal Greases & Epoxies
Non Silicone Heat Sink Compounds (Blue Ice 400 series):
Synthetic thermal grease prevents contamination with superior thermal performance. (0.8 to 7 W/mºk)

Silicone Heat Sink Compounds
(White Ice 500 series):

Formulated with special binding agents to prevent oil separation (0.8 to 3.7W/mºk)

Food Grade Heat Sink Compounds (White Ice 510FG):
NSF registered, use in any electronic devices for heat transfer which is located in or around food processing areas.

High Temperature
(Red Ice 600 series)
High temperature stability up to 360ºC (0.8 to 3.2 W/mºk)

Electrically Conductive Compounds (Black Ice 700 series):
Electrically conductive thermal paste, re-workable and easy to apply.

Electrical Joint Compounds
(EJC Series):

EJC compounds help penetrate oxide films and act as electrical bridges between conductor strands and improve electrical conductivity

Epoxy (TIM 800 series)
Potting Compounds
(TIM-PC 8000 series):

One and two part heat or RT cure system. (0.8 to 2.7 W/mºk), stable up to 300ºC

Thermal Gap Fillers & Pads
Thermal Gap Fillers & Pads
Gap Filler Sheet Materials

Offers high thermal conductivity up to 11W/mºk available in Non Silicone and Silicone formulas & thicknesses from 0.5mm to 5.0mm
Thermally Conductive Pads

Clean, production friendly and efficient. Alternative to mica, ceramics or grease. Thermal conductivity range from 1.1 to 3 W/mºk
Dispensable Liquid Gap Fillers

Form in place, thermally conductive, gel like modules and compression set or memory, ideal for applying any thickness.
Putty Materials

Non-Silicone and Silicone formula, “Ultra Soft” and highly conformable non-cure paste-type gap filler. Ideal for applying any thickness with little or no stress. Offers up to 3.2 w/m°k

Thermal greases have proven overall to be the very best performing interface material.  To extend the use of thermal greases in all types of designs and devices, Timtronics offers a variety of application tools.  These engineered tools allowed the application of consistent and controlled film thicknesses and minimize and eliminate any mess. 

Timtronics offers a wide variety of effective and friendly thermal grease packaging.  Materials are supplied in a selected cross section of standard packaging for immediate availability.  To meet the special needs and demands of its customers, Timtronics offers customized packaging with private labeling available for re-sellers.  The technical staff will assist each customer in selecting the most serviceable packaging to minimize labor, handling and clean-up.

Accurate and measured material dispensing during assembly processes can be vital to design performance.  Timtronics offers a variety of dispensing solutions including manual, automatic and the stencil or screen printing method.  Timtronics will provide technical assistance and direction in selecting the most efficient dispensing method for each specific customer design.

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