Black Ice and Silver Ice(700 series)

Electrically and Thermally Conductive Compounds
Product Description:

700 series are electrically and thermally conductive greases engineered with highly conductive fillers and silicone/non silicone fluids. Excellent wetting and spreadability with screen printable consistency. The 700 series is ideal for low power applications that require static drain, grounding, and soft electronics connection. High thermal conductivity ratings up to 7.2 W/mºK are readily available.

These products fills microscopic pits/gaps, providing multiple pathways for current to follow so no current lost. This creates almost zero resistance in the connection, protecting against vibration, no overheating and no voltage fluctuations.

Typical Applications:

High power electrical applications, Power switches, Circuit breakers, Grounding semiconductor components and high power cpu to heat sink, Overclocking cpu. Communication equipment-cell phone connections;antennas; HAM radios. Lighting-LED, motion sensors.

Popular Products:

Silver Ice 720:Non-Silicone type. Offers  wet/oily type film. Pure silver fortified thermal greases, non-curable system. Thermal conductivity of 7.2 W/mºK. Direct replacement of “Arctic Silver” products. Recommend for high heat flux & thin film applications.

Silver Ice 710NS: Offers wet/oily film, easy to spread and achieve thin BLT, full interface contact with low pressure. Pure silver fortified thermal greases, non-curable system. Thermal conductivity of 7 W/mºK.

Black Ice 713: Heavy gel/putty type consistency, offers high temperature stability up to 360C. Designed to fill large gaps where electrical conductivity required with minimum stress to component

PropertyTest Method 710710NS720711712713
Type Silicone Free /SilverSilicone Free/SilverSilicone Free/SilverSilicone FreeSiliconeSilicone Free
Special Future Dry Film
Highly Electrically conductive
Wet/oily film. Highly Electrically ConductiveWet/oily film. Highly Electrically ConductiveLow cost.
Moderate Elec. Conductive
Low cost.
Moderate Elec. Conductive
Stable up to 360°C
Putty type.
Moderate Electrically Conductive
@ 25°C, PaS
Specific GravityASTM D7924.
Operating Temperature Range.°C -55°C to 200°C-55°C to 200°C-55°C to 200°C-55°C to 200°C-55°C to 200°C-55°C to 360°C
Thermal Conductivity
ASTM D54707.0 (Laser Flash)7.0 (Laser Flash)7.2 (Laser Flash)
Thermal Resistance
( °C-in²/W)
ASTM D54700.010.010.0080.050.05N/A
Breakdown Voltage (KV/mm)ASTM D149N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Dissipation Factor (1KHz)ASTM D150N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Volume Resistivity (Ohm-cm)ASTM D257<0.010<0.010<0.010<0.25<0.25<0.25