TIM-LGF series

Silicone, Cure Type Dispensable Liquid Gap Fillers

Product Description:

TIM-LGF are thermally conductive liquid gap filler materials formulated to provide a balance of cured material properties, highlighted by “gel-like” modules and good compression set or memory. This material is available in thermally conductive & electrically insulating, one part or two part, room or elevated temperature curing system. Form-in-place gap fillers are ideal for applying any thickness with little or no stress.

Typical Applications:

Ideal for circuit boards where multiple packages of variable heights require a thermal path to heat sink or enclose. Automotive Electronics Control Units (ECU’s), power supplies & semiconductors, memory and power modules and fiber optics telecommunications equipment.

Special Futures:
  • Dispensable, easy mix ratio
  • Highly conformable at low pressures
  • Ambient or accelerated cure schedules
  • Thixotropic nature makes easy to dispense
  • Prevents pump-out from the interface
  • Reworkable

50cc& 400cc dual Syringes/Cartridges, 1/10 gallon caulking cartridge& 10 gallonsKits

PropertyTest Method200420052006200720302301
Type Two Parts SiliconeTwo Parts SiliconeTwo Parts SiliconeTwo Parts SiliconeTwo Parts SiliconeOne Part
Special Futures High Viscosity
No Slump
Very soft/Gel type cureControlled cure,No Slump
Grease/Paste type cure
Soft cure
High TC
Soft cure
High TC
Fast Cure
RTV Sealant
Mixed Viscosity. PaSBrookfield1507312080400N/A
Mix Ratio 1:11:11:11:11:1N/A
Specific GravityASTM D7922.
Hardness(Shore 00)ASTM D224070<5Thixotropic Paste453535
Pot Life @ 25°C 60 min90 min24 hrs90 min60 min15 min
Cure Time @ 25°C 24-48 hrs24-48 hrs48 hrs24-48 hrs24-48 hrs24 hrs
Cure Time @ 100°C 20 min30 min5 min30 min30 minN/A
UL 94V-0V-0V-0V-0V-0V-0
Operating Temperature Range. -55°C to 204°C-55°C to 204°C-55°C to 204°C-55°C to 204°C-55°C to 204°C-55°C to 260°C
Shelf Life(Unopened) 12 months12 months12 months12 months12 months12 months
Thermal Conductivity  (W/m-K)ASTM D54702.
Breakdown Voltage   (KV/mm)ASTM D149121212121312
Volume Resistivity   (Ohm-m)ASTM D25710¹²10¹²10¹²10¹²10¹²10¹²