Thermal Gels or Putties

Non-Silicone, One Part, No-Cure Type
Thermally Conductive, Form-In-Place Dispensable Gap Fillers
Product Description:

TIM-PUTTY is ‘Ultra Soft” and highly conformable one part,paste type, Non-Curetype gap filler. Its “ultra soft” consistency assures efficient heat transfer between delicate parts where minimum pressure can be tolerated. This Form-in-place gap filler is ideal for applying any thickness with little or no stress. It is designed to provide a thermal solution for the recent trends of integrating higher frequency electronics into smaller devices. TIM-PUTTY easily forms and adheres to most surfaces, shapes and sizes of components with very low compression force. Non-Silicone formulas avoid silicone contaminations to delicate devices. It can be easily dispensed from cartridges or pail using pneumatic dispenser.

Typical Application:

Gap Fillers are used to fill air gaps between components or PC boards and heat sinks, metal enclosures and chasses. Ideal for application where large gap tolerances are present due to steps, rough surfaces, and high stack-up. Gap Filler materials allow the designer to be less concerned with components proximity to heat sinks or heat spreaders.

Key Futures:
  • Superior thermal performance
  • Solves the toughest heat transfer problems
  • Low deflection force required
  • Minimal stress on components

30cc Syringes, 1 Kg Jar, 6 oz. Semco & 300cc cartridges, 1 gallon & 5 gallon pails

PropertyTest Method616418418HTC3W455W6W
Type  Non-SiliconeNon-
Special Futures High Temp rated (360°C)
Zero Out Gassing.
Low viscosity.
High Dielectric.
Medium viscosity.
High Dielectric
Tacky Texture.
Zero Pump out
High Dielectric.
Low viscosity.
Tacky Texture.
Zero Pump out
High viscosity
High Thermal conductivity
High viscosity
High Thermal conductivity
5 rpm @ 25°C, PaS
Specific Gravity, @ 25°CASTM D7923.
(Shore 00)
ASTM D2240<5<5<5<5<5<5<5
UL 94V-0V-0V-0V-0V-0V-0V-0
Operating Temperature Range. -40°C to 360°C-40°C to 150°C-40°C to 150°C-40°C to 150°C-40°C to 150°C-40°C to 150°C-40°C to 150°C
Shelf Life 5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years
Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K)ASTM D54702.
Breakdown Voltage (KV/mm)ASTM D1493.016314333.2
Volume Resistivity (Ohm-m)ASTM D25710^910¹²10^910¹²10^910^910^9