Thermally Conductive Potting Compounds

TIM-PC Series

Product Description

TIM-PC series are pourable, filled Silicone Free epoxy resin or silicone resin systems offering excellent heat transfer, high voltage insulation, low exothermic and minimum shrinkage. These compounds transfer heat rapidly, thereby eliminating hot spots and increasing the operating efficiency of most encapsulated devices. The low shrinkage design feature minimizes risk of damage to fragile components.

Typical Applications

These products are designed for protecting components in applications such as densely packaged power supplies and heat generating components, integrated circuits, power and operational amplifiers, transformers and many types of semiconductors.

Silicone-Free Epoxy-Resin based Potting Compounds

Special FutureFlame Retardant
Excellent Adhesion.
Flexible impact resistance.
High Temp Stable up to 230°C.
Long pot life.
High TG
DOT/IATA Non-Hazmat
High Thermal Conductivity.
DOT/IATA Non-Hazmat
High Thermal Conductivity
Available with
selective hardeners
for desire viscosity,
TG, pot life & cure temp.
DOT/IATA Non-Hazmat
TypeTwo PartsTwo PartsTwo PartsTwo PartsTwo PartsTwo Parts
HardenerA&B MixTH-10TH-40TH-22TH-9TH-22
Mix Ratio by Wt (A/H)100/12100/25100/12100/8100/3.5100/4.5
Shelf Life12 months@ 25°C12 months@ 25°C12 months@ 25°C12 months@ 25°C12 months@ 25°C12 months@ 25°C
Mixed Viscosity @25°Ccp4000300020,00040,00050,00050,000
Gel Time (Pot Life) (100 grams)1 hr @ 25°C>8 hrs @ 25°C3 hrs @ 25°C1 hr @ 25°C1 hr @ 25°C1 hr @ 25°C
Cure Schedule24-48 hrs@ 25°C or
2 hrs @ 100°C
2 hrs @ 150°C or
4 hrs @ 100°C
24-48 hrs@ 25°C or
2 hrs @ 65°C
24 hrs@ 25°C or
2 hrs@ 100°C
24-48 hrs@ 25°C or
2 hrs@ 70°C
24-48 hrs@ 25°C or
2 hrs@ 70°C
Cured Properties      
Hardness (Shore )A-85D-92D-93D-91D-90D-90
Glass Transition Temperature28°C145°C75°C>80°C86°C86°C
Flexural StrengthN/A12,300psi13,800psi12,300psi14,700psi14,700psi
Service Temperature Range-55°C  to 120°C-55°C  to 230°C-55°C  to 150°C-55°C  to 150°C-55°C  to 150°C-55°C  to 150°C
Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K)
Dielectric Strength   (Volts/Mil)480473460473430430
Volume Resistivity   (Ohm-cm)10^1410^1610^1510^1510^1510^15