Thermally Conductive Silicone Potting Compounds

TIM-PC Series

Product Description

Thermally Conductive, two parts, low viscosity potting compound that cures at room temperature to a soft pliable rubber. Will cure in deep sections. Designed to achieve primerless adhesion to many substrates, including metals, plastics, and ceramics. The excellent electrical properties make it a candidate material for both high and low voltage electrical assemblies.

Typical Applications

Potting and encapsulating of:

  • Equipment modules, Power supplies, relays and amplifiers, Transformers, coils and ferrite cores
  • Fiber optic wave guide coatings
  • Encapsulation of circuit boards
Property 8550TC 8550AC 8556
Special Future Flame Retardant
Flexible, impact and
thermal shock resistance.
Low Viscosity
Long pot life.
High Dielectric
High Temperature
rated up to 240C
Meets UL94V0
Long pot life
Fast cure
Type Two Parts Two Parts Two Parts
Mix Ratio by Wt (A/H) 1:1 1:1 1:1
Color Gray Gray Black
Shelf Life 12 months@ 25°C 12 months@ 25°C 12 months@ 25°C
Mixed Viscosity @25°Ccp 4000 1300 2000
Gel Time (Pot Life) (100 grams) 1 hr @ 25°C 2 hrs @ 25°C 3 hrs @ 25°C
Cure Schedule 24-48 hrs@ 25°C or
2 hrs @ 70°C
24-48 hrs@ 25°C or
30 minutes @ 100C
24 hrs@ 25C or
15 minutes@ 150C
Cured Properties      
Hardness (Shore ) A-42 A-62 A-46
Tensile Strength >250psi 450psi >280psi
Service Temperature Range -55C to 200C -55C to 200C -55C to 240C
Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K) 1.2 0.65 0.40
Dielectric Strength   (KV/mm) 17.5 26 17.5
Volume Resistivity   (Ohm-cm) 10^14 10^15 10^15