Blue Ice™ Series

Non Silicone Thermal Compounds

Blue Ice Series are unique synthetic thermal greases engineered to provide low bleed and oil migration (Pump Out) to prevent component contamination associated with silicone greases. They offer superior thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance with long term stability.

Why Non Silicone preferred over Silicone thermal greases?

Low Surface Tension causes oil separation, bleed. and pump out which leads to contamination and premature failureSynthetic fluids. high surface tension keeps oil and fillers together
Several thermal cycles causes dry out, and interface film cracking resulting in a loss of thermal conductionFormulated with special binding agents, no oil separation. stays put, dissipates the heat efficiently
Increased temperatures volatilizes silicone fluids and forms silicone dioxide—an electrical insulator causing defective contacts in motors, relays, and switchesSynthetic fluids volatilizes clean
Silicone fluids will contaminate solder bath in reflow processNo contaminations: compatible with solder bath chemicals
Typical Applications:

CPU to Heat sink, Transistors, Diodes, IGBTs, Rectifiers, LED. TEC modules, Telecommunication hardware etc.

Availability:Syringes (3cc, 10cc, 30cc). Jars (8oz& 1 Kg). Cartridges (6 oz. Semco & 300cc).
1 gallon & 5 gallon pail

Typical Properties
PropertyTest Method41141241004100LV43042004050LV4060
Type Silicone FreeSilicone FreeSilicone FreeSilicone FreeSilicone FreeSilicone FreeSilicone FreeSilicone Free
Special Future Low Vis,
Thin BLT
Die- electric
No Sag, StableScreen printable, thin BLTHigh
Die- electric
Tacky, Zero Pump outTacky, Zero Pump outHigh TC, Stable
5 rpm @
25°C, PaS
Specific GravityASTM D7922.
Operating Temperature Range.°C -55°C  to 200°C-55°C  to 200°C-55°C  to 200°C-55°C
to 200°C
-55°C  to 200°C-55°C  to 200°C-55°C
-55°C  to 200°C
Shelf Life 5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years
Thermal Conductivity
ASTM D54700.
Thermal Resistance
ASTM D54700.030.030.0140.0140.010.010.0050.005
Breakdown Voltage(KV/mm)ASTM D14912.4162.82.8162.82.82.8
Dissipation Factor(1KHz)ASTM D1500.00210.0030.120.120.0170.120.120.12
Volume Resistivity   (Ohm-cm)ASTM D25710^1410^1410^910^910^1410^910^910^9