Grey Ice 4060 (6 W/m°k) and Grey Ice 4050LV (5 w/m°k)

Timtronics advancing further with Non Silicone technology and introducing new Non Silicone high performance thermal greases with high thermal conductivity, low viscosity, screen printable consistency with low BLT (<10 micron)

High performance thermal grease designed to meet the thermal, reliability and low price requirements of high-end chipset, graphic processors trend ever-faster clock speeds. Specially formulated with tacky texture which helps to control pump out during thermal cycling. Dispensable and screen printable consistency makes easy in production environment.

These new compounds shows superior performance compared to most popular thermal greases on market (Arctic Silver 5, Mx-4, Shin-etsu 751, Dow 5022 and Momentive TIG 830 etc)

Physical Properties:
PropertyTest Method4050LV4060
Type Silicone FreeSilicone Free
Special Future Tacky, Zero Pump outHigh TC, Stable
5 rpm @ 25°C, PaS
Specific GravityASTM D7922.42.4
Operating Temperature Range.°C -55°C  to  200°C-55°C  to 200°C
Shelf Life 5 years5 years
Thermal Conductivity
ASTM D54705.06.0
Thermal Resistance 
ASTM D54700.0050.003
Breakdown Voltage   (KV/mm)ASTM D1492.82.8
Dissipation Factor     (1KHz)ASTM D1500.120.12
Volume Resistivity   (Ohm-cm)ASTM D25710^910^9
Performance (“Burn In”) Data:
CPU Test Run TimeDelta T ⁰CThermal Resistance (*C-In2/W)Delta T ⁰CThermal Resistance (⁰C-In2/W)
 Grey Ice 4060Grey Ice 40604050LV4050LV
30 minutes4.10.0507.00.082

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